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Premier Window Tinting

Founded in 1975 by Donald and Eileen Hansen, Transparent Glass Coatings is one of the first businesses of its kind, serving both customers and manufacturers. We have influenced manufacturing and installation standards and techniques as well as product development—all of which have set the standards for the industry.

Our success over the years has been earned by an absolute commitment to providing the highest quality of workmanship and using only the world's finest products in San Jose and the surrounding areas.

Many Uses of Window Tint

Window tint is essential for both home and business owners alike. The latest spectrally select window films keep your interior environment more comfortable as they improve energy efficiency. These advanced films let in high levels of visible light while they increase insulation and reject 99.9% of damaging ultraviolet light.

Spectrally select films cost less than Low-E and heat-reflective glass. With the added flexibility in glass choices, applied films are the choice of many home and business owners as well as home builders throughout the San Jose area.

Window films offer the following benefits:

  • Blockage of harmful UV rays
  • Enhanced energy efficiency
  • Protection from shattered glass shards
  • Vandal deterrence
  • Increased privacy

Our Valued Customers

Transparent Glass Coatings is proud to be the tinting company of choice for some of the largest and most respected companies, organizations, and municipalities in the area.

We take pride in offering our services to many clients in the Bay Area. Our products are used by many local companies:

  • Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • Seagate Technologies
  • Veritas
  • Westfield Shopping Malls
  • University of California
  • U.S. Department of Defense
  • Naval Postgraduate School
  • Monterey, Salinas, and Santa Cruz Counties
  • Major golf course pro shops and facilities

Choose the Industry Leader

We treat every home and business with meticulous care and we use only the finest products available.

Respected in the industry and highly recommended by our satisfied customers, we are an industry partner of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). We also belong to the Independent Window Film Association (IWFA) and the Building Owner and Managers Association (BOMA).

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