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Effective, Efficient Window Film

No one is more knowledgeable or experienced with window film than Transparent Glass Coatings. Established in 1975, we were one of the first window coating companies in business, setting the standards for installation techniques that are now used throughout the industry.

To get the best film at the best price for your home or business, choose Transparent Glass Coatings. You will see what makes us a leader in the industry.

Commercial Tinting

Heat gain and glare problems are issues in many commercial buildings. Combined with rising energy costs and the environmental impact of fossil fuel use, these are increasing concerns for businesses in the San Jose area and worldwide.

Commercial glass coatings address all of these concerns efficiently and effectively. Coatings can keep out up to 80% of solar energy and reduce glare up to 83%, saving energy and improving the interior environment for workers.

Transparent Glass Coatings can perform a free energy audit for your business to determine the energy savings realized after the installation of our protective product and the period of return on your investment.

Residential Tinting

Modern residential window coatings are designed with the aesthetics of the home in mind. No longer the ugly reflective metal films of old, today’s films combine high-tech performance with a very natural look.

Window tinting provides several benefits for your home, including the following:

  • Reduced solar heat gain for significant energy savings
  • 99.9% reduction in UV light to reduce fading of furnishings, floors, and draperies
  • Reduced or eliminated glare
  • Increased privacy
  • Protection from flying glass
  • Increased security from intruders

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